Why hire a government relations expert?

Hiring a government relations adviser/lobbyist is the most important step your group or company can take when you need to persuade politicians or bureaucrats towards your views.

Effective lobbyists maintain the relationships and have the knowledge and experience to bring your issues to key decision-makers, parliamentary committees, government agencies etc. Lobbying isn’t just about contacting people and setting up meetings. It is about building and maintaining mutually respectful relationships with politicians of all parties, with public servants and with the Press Gallery. It is also about understanding the processes and procedures of government and the Parliament – how policy is made into law, how the Committee system works, how the Budget cycle plays out. Your lobbyist should be your trusted adviser and representative in the government sphere – they should be committed to achieving your desired result, but also able to advise you objectively on the best way to get there, using their insight of the political situation to give you a reality check and suggest other courses of action.

Using an effective, respected lobbyist protects and enhances your company’s or organisation’s reputation. Having representation in Canberra demonstrates that you are committed to achieving your goal, and that you are savvy enough to hire someone who has access to the information and contacts you need, without committing scarce resources to try to build these relationships and gather information from scratch.

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